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Tank Weasel (Wolverine/mustelid VRChat avatar)

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Avatar docs available at

Please check it out, as the avatar might not be set up in a way that is familiar.

Try out the public avatar here:

The tankiest weasel!

Ever wanted to be a wolverine on the internet?
Ever wanted to just dook around and war dance?
Ever want to be the North American (and other places) Most Weasel?

Become a tank weasel today!

  • Modelled after and primarily a Wolverine (Gulo Gulo, not Hugh) avatar
  • Optional pooltoy mode prefab!
  • Prefab based project setup
  • Full body tracking support
  • Face Tracking Support (Unified Expressions implementation)
  • MMD lip sync support
  • Ear, belly, and tail Physbones
  • Manual Eyelid control
  • Automatic Thumbs Up/Down detection (Smile/frown when thumbs up/down)
  • Autonomic functions such as:
    • Nose Licking
    • Breathing
  • Customization Options:
    • Feminine body
    • Pooltoy mode
    • Chubbiness control
    • Snaggle tooth
  • VRC Performance ranking (Avatar base ranking shown, public avatar has additional packages):
    • Without pooltoy mode
      • PC: Excellent
      • Quest: Medium
    • With pooltoy mode
      • PC: Good
      • Quest: Poor

Usage license:

By purchasing this avatar, you agree that:

  • Due to this product being a digital product, refunds are NOT possible.
  • If you are selling any customizations, modifications, or retextures of the Tank Weasel model, make sure that both you (the artist) and the customer own the model.
  • Please don’t claim the Tank Weasel model (or its default textures and assets) as your own work.
  • Please don’t resell, redistribute, or share any of the Tank Weasel files. 
    • If you are an asset creator, please find a way to distribute the changes on their own.
  • Please ask before using this model for commercial purposes.
  • Please do not use this model for anything related to Cryptocurrency or NFTs.
  • Please ask before using this model for use in machine learning algorithms, or “AI”, especially (but not limited to) generative models.

Thanks to Fuel, SaelFox, and ZenFetcher for posing in the cover images!

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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Once you've paid for the avatar, refunds, exchanges, or other sorts of compensations will not be offered. Sorry.

Last updated Jun 30, 2024

Note, as most of my software stack in my workflow is open source, I’m unable to provide Substance Painter or Photoshop files. A .blend file, .fbx file, krita file, and textures are included separately for you to set up your own texturing workflow. If you still have trouble, contact me at, or consider commissioning me at

Tri count (PC)
Tri count (Quest)
Default VRAM (PC)
21.08 MiB
Default VRAM (Quest)
17.57 MiB
Material slots
1 (3 max with pooltoy and maker card)
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Tank Weasel (Wolverine/mustelid VRChat avatar)

1 rating
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